Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Massage Oil Blends

My spring massage oil blends are finally done! I know I say this every time I do new blends, but I think these are the best ones yet.  As some of you may know, I am serious about my massage oils. I think that when you are putting oil on people's skin, you have to think about what you're using. It is more important than many people realize.  Every three months, with the changing season, I put together two blends - one scented and one unscented.

The oil I use on my clients is the same oil I use on my own skin. It has to be pure and fresh, it has to have the right amount of "slide" (not too thick or too thin), it has to be the right color, it must not feel tacky or sticky, it must not stain fabric, it must not clog pores or cause any kind of skin irritation whatsoever, it has to feel absolutely decadent, and (if it is scented), it has to smell fantastic and have the desired aromatherapeutic effect.  If it fails in any way, back to the drawing board.

When I design the unscented blend, I take into consideration any skin care challenges the season might present, such as dry skin in winter, heat rash in summer, etc. The blend is always made up of fresh pressed oils that contain no triglicerides, which results in long shelf life. They are blended and stored in new containers with new lids - these things are never re-used. Usually, the unscented blend combines at least three oils, all of which are fantastic for the skin.  The oils used, and the proportions in which they are used, vary with the season.

When it comes to the scented blend, the season figures into the scents chosen and also the aromatherapeutic aspect. Fall might be a little woodsy, Spring might be more citrus (because with men, you don't want floral). I choose scents that appeal to men, and then sometimes other essences are chosen for depression, anxiety, allergies, etc.

In spring, the issue is usually allergies. This spring's blend is designed to calm you and clear your head. It combines three carrier oils with three citrus essences and one additional essential oil that has a bit of an antihistamine effect. It is mild, clean, and fresh, and gives you a mental boost, and can soothe skin irritations. All in all, it's very pleasant - I think you'll like it. Come check it out.

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