Friday, September 9, 2011


Wooo! Been a while since I felt one of those!

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake has struck off the west coast of Vancouver Island, with tremors felt as far away as Kelowna. The reading was downgraded from an initial report of magnitude 6.7.

The earthquake occurred at 12:42 pm P.T. about 18 kilometres under the surface of the Pacific Ocean, around 80 kilometres south of Port Alice, on Vancouver Island.

Not enough to make things fall over, but they sure did sway for about half a minute, and the building made a low groaning sound for about ten seconds. Remember Titanic? The sound the ship made? Sort of like that. Hmmm. Not something I like to hear while the earth's surface heaves beneath me.

The cat didn't like it much either. Any normal cat would have run and hidden.  This one decided, during those ten seconds, that contrary to sentiments previously expressed, he loves me a whole lot.

pickmeup pickmeup pickmeup ofukkit iamjustgonnajumpontoyou

Now he doesn't want his paws touching the floor. That's going to make for an interesting weekend.

Everything's fine here but I really must get that flatscreen attached to the wall. It's on a stand and nearly tipped over. I don't want it coming down unless the wall is coming down.  Actually, come to think of it...there are a lot of things around here that really should be secured, the tops of the bookshelves should be attached to the wall, the artwork, that kind of thing.  -

Here's Prince performing Housequake.

"If you can't rock steady, shut up, already! Damn!"

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  1. Did I not JUST SAY when we bought my bookcase the other day that my new one and yours should both be attached at the top 'cause we're about due for a quake? LOL! We are attaching everything that needs to be attached when I get home. One of these days the Big One's gonna hit, and I'd hate to see things getting wrecked if it can be prevented. I think we should consider this mini-quake a warning.

  2. Yep! The artwork is done, so nothing left to do but the bookcases and the TV.


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