Friday, June 3, 2011


It's done! Got 2011/2012 all mapped out. Like last year, I will be attending classes Tuesday and Thursday evenings, starting in September. I'd like to do more than that, it's only two courses per semester, but they're required courses for the degree and combined, they're worth 18 credits, so I need to give them as much attention as possible. Next year I'll do some fiddly little shit at North Island College and a big research project that will get me out of having to study abroad.

The only thing that sucks about this is having to run back and forth to Nanaimo.  I thought about working while in Nanaimo but would rather to just get there and back as quickly as possible. Like last year, I can compensate somewhat for the lost evenings by working earlier in the morning. So that's going to create the same situation as last year: morning work, afternoon work, evening work out or class, night study. When am I supposed to sleep? More importantly, when am I supposed to surf?

This had better be a really good summer.

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