Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Day of Summer!

Finally!  The most awesome season of the year is here, for those who like it hot.  For those who don't...the air conditioning is all ready for you.

What am I doing this summer?  Well...unlike last summer, which was the very definition of slacking, I will be working my ass off because I have school starting in September and it's going to cost me a lot, both in terms of tuition, books, etc. and lost revenue from missing work while in classes.  Winters are slow, and when you're doing something that takes you away from what work there is, it's stressful.  In an effort to prepare for a stress-free and studious winter/spring, I've decided to be the ant and not the grasshopper for once.

This means no surfing until the winter break, which is fine because the best surfing in Tofino is in winter anyway.  I had hoped to see some hot sand, but sadly it is not to be.  I'm putting the jeans away and switching to sundresses, so be prepared to see me in colourful cotton shifts and not much else. I should warn you that I don't wear shoes if I can avoid it (old childhood habits die hard) - Sanuks at most. Just don't expect high heels and stockings - it'll be Rip Curl and Billabong all the way to September.

So how will summer be handled rates-wise?  Weekend specials!  I can't run a special every day...that would make it sort of...not special, but I don't want to completely eliminate them either, so on Saturdays and Sundays I will offer discounts on both erotic massage and full service sessions.

Hours are extended between now and September, because the days are longer and by July/August it's going to be hot enough in the afternoons that a siesta will be worked into the day (again, old childhood habits die hard).

On the subject of heat, this is the season to take care of your skin.  I've taken care of it with my fabulous oils all winter and spring, so sunscreen is a must!  This is also the season of sweaty bods and sandal feet...please be sure you've showered before coming in, and take extra good care of those tootsies, please and thanks.

Looking forward to seeing you this summer...have fun, play safe, and enjoy the video (Happy Birthday, Brian Wilson)

Nicole Kelly
Comox Valley Massage
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  1. See you this weekend!


  3. Winter break? Not you, unless you got an H-Bomb. Betta idea: http://www.hotsuits.com.au/

  4. @ Terri Can't I got a bunch of gear to buy so gotta work first.

  5. @ Kalani I called the shop and they have Quicksilver heated vests - that's gonna have to do. Could try the H-Bomb but they only come in men's (bah) and I need a new suit (pref. Billabong), feet and a new board too - giving the foam board to the first rook who says they like it.

  6. Nic, the QS vest will be ok in summer but if you really wanna try winter it won't be hot enough cause you hate cold more than most. Go with QS this summer and check out Thermalution if ya keep going. And new suit and board good idea, way to pay it forward with the beater. Someone gonna love it just like you did.

  7. Remember when we were at that guy's house that had the shuffleboard table? The really depressed guy? He reminded me of Brian Wilson. The only thing missing was a piano and a bunch of sand in the bedroom. Anyway yeah, Happy Birthday to Brian, I am amazed he's still alive.


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