Monday, August 2, 2010

Bye Bye Blondie

When I was a kid, I looked a lot like Heather O'Rourke (December 27, 1975 – February 1, 1988), who played Carol Anne in the Poltergeist film trilogy.  My hair was platinum blonde, very long, and perfectly straight, with bangs.  It attracted a lot of attention and my mother really liked that.

When I hit puberty, my hair began to darken.  My mother was alarmed...she set great store by my hair - she believed that blonde hair was prettier than brown, and she wanted me to keep the Nordic look.  So she took me to have my hair bleached, and continued to do so until I was a teenager.  When I left home, I kept up with the bleaching, highlights, etc. on my own.

My mother died in 2008, and ever since then I have occasionally wondered what colour my hair would have been had it been left alone.  I have never seen its natural colour.

So I went to a colourist to find out what colour it actually is.  She figured it out, and she has dyed my hair that colour.

As it turns out, it's a dark ash blonde, with some gold and a fair bit of red.  I like it.  I think I'll keep it.  Time to say goodbye and good riddance to the bleached blonde.

My mother was very silly about some things.  About the hair...wrong.  You can do whatever you want, but nothing beats going back to the roots and allowing them to show you who you really are.

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