Thursday, August 5, 2010

Going Back Soon!

Going to North Island College in the big deal, just the first half of Canadian Lit.  The Fall term is going to be pretty easy, I'll be at the College on Fridays from 8 a.m. - 11 a.m.

It gets interesting when the Winter term starts in January.  At that point, I'll be doing the second half of Canadian lit (same deal, Fridays 8 a.m. - 11 a.m.) at North Island, but I'll also be commuting to Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, for the second half of English Lit (I took the first half ages ago). 

That is going to be a pain because I'll have to be in Nanaimo on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. (there was no 3 hour, once a week session, dammit).

What will the impact be?

1.  I'm going to need a new vehicle if I'm going to have to drive to Nanaimo twice a week starting in January...there is no way my car can handle that.  It doesn't even have heat.

2.  My mornings are really going to take a hit this winter, dammit I will have to actually wake up with some degree of consistency. I may even have to go to bed at a decent hour.

3.  Where does playing Final Fantasy XIV Online fit into all this?  It launches in September.  Final Fantasy XIV Online is serious business.  I already pre-ordered it.

Anyway, in better news I got the Canadian Lit textbook today, so I can get an early start.  Guess it's going to be study - work - study - work for a while.  

Oh, and since I'll be getting my degree from VIU, you can expect to see a great deal of "Vancouver Island University" clothing (not to mention having keychains, pens, notebooks, coffee mugs, travel mugs, etc.)  I plan to be a walking advertisement for that school, which shouldn't be too tough - "Vancouver Island University" will probably fit right across my ass without having to be abbreviated LOL!  OOOH, note to self:  get cute VIU sweatpants and a HUGE pink hoodie, yeah! blue! Not pink.

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