Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cure for Insomnia

Finally found a cure for my inability to get to sleep at night...this textbook.

Picked it up so I could take a look at it before classes start.  This has got to be the most boring textbook I have ever read in my entire academic life, and I have seen a LOT of textbooks.  Forget melatonin, all you need is this book.  I don't know how I'm going to endure this course...five minutes with this book and I'm out like a light.

And then there's Volume 2!  For next term.  Guess this is going to be one of those "coffee maker on the desk" years. Canadian Lit sucks.  I can't wait until it's finished, and it hasn't even started yet. The only thought-provoking thing about Volume 2 is the cover.  Perhaps it's a form of compensation.

Would anyone care to explain why a horse is running up the tracks, toward an oncoming train?  Is it supposed to make a statement?  Is it supposed to represent some sort of contest between horse and train?  Animal versus Man?  Farmer versus Industry?  Colonial versus Modern?  I hope not...that would be so fucking pretentious.

I play Red Dead Red Redemption, and the result of Horse vs. Train is always a fine red mist. Here's a video someone else made...same result.

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