Sunday, July 11, 2010

Off Sunday

Taking the day off today, will be back tomorrow (Monday). Gonna head to the river for a bit and then check out more vendors.

Know what's interesting about the vendors? Many, many of them are selling at least partly on the basis of this "no cruelty" concept. I have here a hat that was not made by slaves...chocolate that was not made by exploited cacao bean picking children...cruelty-free stuff, slavery-free stuff everywhere. I had no idea that so many of the products we consume come from cruel, enslaving situations. I mean, I'm looking around the room right now...was my face cream tested on bunnies? Was it made from bunnies? Who picked the fruit that's in that basket? Were they migrant workers earning a dollar a day? How am I supposed to know? And if someone said that things were a certain way, how would I know otherwise? And why am I buying chocolate just because I was told that nobody was forced to pick the beans? I mean, if I wanted to have a problem with that kind of thing, I'd stop shopping at Wal-Mart because if that isn't an oppressive, exploitative scam outfit, nothing is.

You know, I'm just thinking...there was a time a long time ago when I really didn't have much of a choice as far as, erm....selling certain things went and life was nothing if not cruel. Maybe since things are different now, I could market my massages as "cruelty free" and/or "slavery free", since nobody's forcing me to do them LOL!

I'm tired of thinking about this "social consciousness vs. marketing ploy" issue. I'm taking my poor, aching feet to the river. They have definitely seen some cruel treatment lately. I'll be back tomorrow if you'd like to schedule a slavery-free massage.

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