Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Happy happy joy!

I finally got curtains for The Room! I know that doesn't sound like a big deal, but it took a long time to find them (needed right color, pattern, texture and light blockage) and they were expensive. Put them up today, and moved the air conditioner in too. Between the AC and the curtains, the room is dimmer than it was, and so cool, it's lovely, and just in time too 'cause it's hot hot hot and the AC just crapped out in my car. Guess I'll be home a lot for the rest of the summer. In fact, I'll be in The Room a lot, because now I don't have the AC in the rest of the condo anymore. Be prepared...I predict that certain things are going to show up in that room before handheld video games...books...the occasional soda can...eventually, I suppose, a new TV and my PS3 LOL

I'm screening calls...seriously, it's just too hot to deal with any bullshit. There are drunks all over the place this week because of the long weekend and MusicFest, so anyone who calls is going to have to leave a message.

Sunscreen, everyone...high SPF! I'm seeing burns on some of my clients, and my burn relief gel can only do so much :( Be careful, k guys? ok!

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