Wednesday, February 1, 2017

2017-02-01 Winter Special and Brief Update


A few quick notes...

Please check the main site at before you contact me.  It will tell you when sessions are available and when I'm available to take calls.  I have another job and when I am there, I do not deal with inquiries from here.

For now, the only days that could be affected are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  On those days, I am not available to take calls until 3 PM and the earliest booking time is 4 PM.  Please do not leave messages for me on mornings when I am not available - I do not bring my phone to the other job, and do not like to return messages hours after they were left.  Just wait and call when I'm actually free to talk.  

This summer (June - August), if everything goes as planned, I will be spending more mornings doing other things, so my phone hours will start at 3 PM and sessions will start at 4 PM every day.

By September, I will have made some decisions regarding where I want to be, but for now, please just keep an eye on the site and plan for late afternoon / evening visits if at all possible.

Spring is near...almost there!  Let's keep it cosy,

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