Friday, December 6, 2013

Changes to Vancouver Island Massage / Comox Valley Massage

Hey everyone,

It snowed!  I love it. :D  Everything looks so pretty...

OK, so here's the skinny.  I'm done at VIU and exams are over.  I have closed the Parksville incall because it's too busy in Comox for me to keep running back and forth.  If someone from the Parksville area wants to see me badly enough, he can always come up here.

The official site has changed from back to - I have forwarded the Vancouver Island Massage domains to Comox Valley Massage, but you might wish to update your bookmarks.

The phone number has also changed.  Previous numbers,  250-339-4104 and 250-248-8484 are no longer in service, so please update your contacts with the new number, which is 250-218-0182.  That is a Courtenay number but I am still in Comox.  As always, please be sure to leave a message, and no texting.

Did you notice the silly animated .gifs and the snowfall script running on the site?  You'll only see stuff like that on the site in winter.  It looks kind of cool...hope you like it.

It's been nice seeing you guys again!  Please drive carefully...lots of distracted people out there at this time of year.

Nicole Kelly
Comox Valley Massage
Sensuous Erotic Massage in Comox BC
Comox - Vancouver Island - British Columbia (BC)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Back in Comox - Nicole Kelly - Comox Valley Massage / Vancouver Island Massage - Serving Courtenay / Comox / Campbell River BC

It's good to be home but I'm so busy there's no time to sleep.  Between studying and web work, there aren't enough hours in the night, and then it's time for work in the daytime.  I was going to stay in Parksville another couple of weeks but clients kept calling from Comox and the driving up and down the island was getting to be too much.  So I'm back in Comox a bit sooner than expected, but that's okay because I know my Comox clients missed me while I was at VIU.

I've been busy tonight switching back from to ... both domains work but the Comox Valley Massage domain is the one to use here.

When it's time to go, it's time to go.  I have a feeling the weather could turn bad and I don't want to be stuck in Parksville, away from friends, family and kitteh.  Besides, I'm the one who does all the baking and cooking.  Time to get on with that.

So the holiday special is ON, Comox is ON, Parksville is OUT, and I am kicking ass all over my exams (the hard part is staying awake)

Comox clients who haven't seen me in a while will note that new specialty sessions are available and more will be added after the holidays.  I'm thinking of making occasional trips to Campbell River, Nanaimo, etc. but that will have to wait too.  For now, I think you guys in Courtenay, Comox, Campbell River etc. will be OK with coming here.

Questions have come up re: gifts...I just want you to bring yourself.  I don't drink, so please do not bring alcohol.  If you really, really want to bring something, I like potted plants, bath products, scented candles and Microsoft point cards (not much of a glamour girl)...and of course, anything that a pussycat would like would be much appreciated by my fluffy little buddy.

Here's to a great holiday season!  See you soon,

Nicole Kelly
Comox Valley Massage
Sensuous Erotic Massage in Comox BC
Comox - Vancouver Island - British Columbia (BC)