Tuesday, July 5, 2011

HST Referendum Ballot

Well, it finally arrived...my long-awaited HST Referendum ballot.

Between the time my ballot hit my hands and the time it was mailed, perhaps ten minutes elapsed. It didn't take long. I didn't even miss any work during the trip to the post office. I won't say what I voted...anyone who knows me knows what I voted, and why.

Here's what I will say:

If you don't get your ballot by Friday July 8, the most likely reason is that you have moved and not notified Elections of your new address. You can contact Elections BC and ask for one - they can still get it to you in time for you to vote and send it back. Click here for Elections BC Contact (opens in new window).

Throwing the ballot away is not a vote to maintain the status quo. To do that, you'd have to vote "No" to keep the HST. Throwing the ballot away only tells the government that you don't give a damn, and the government likes apathy. Apathy = We Can Do Whatever We Like, Bwa ha ha ha

Read the instructions. It's one of those "matroyshka doll" situations. Fill out the ballot, put it in an envelope. Write on the envolope, put it in another envelope. No wonder it's going to take them five weeks to count the ballots if they have to open all those bloody envelopes.

The wording of the ballot could be misunderstood by anyone who does not read carefully or by those who do not know the meaning of the word "extinguish" (and I have no doubt that such people exist). A "Yes" vote means you want the HST extinguished...gone...put out, like a fire. A "No" vote is a vote to keep it.

You can put a check mark or an "x" in the white circle. I take this to mean that writing "Stick your fucking HST up your asses" on the ballot will disqualify it, even if you print it in tiny letters in the white circle. Don't include any letters or photos of your dick or you giving the bird or anything else. Just the ballot.

You can use a pencil or pen, but I used a pen so nobody could erase and change my mark LOL. Do not use felt pen, marker, paint or blood.

Don't forget to sign and put your birthdate and phone number on the front of the envelope that has the spaces for that, and don't fill out the stuff on the back unless there have been changes to your name, address, etc.

Don't use a fake phone number. If they decide to use some godawful autodialing system to confirm the votes (and I wouldn't put it past them), it's not going to kill us to listen to a bit of a recording and then hit "1" to confirm or whatever you'd have to do.

The ballot is going to Vancouver, so put it in the "all other areas" mailbox, not the "local" one.

I am looking forward to hearing the results of the vote. No matter which way it goes, at least we finally got to say Yea or Nay....even if Yea meant Nay and Nea meant Yea.

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  1. DONE AND DONE. Too bad about the stupid, boring rules...I was gonna fill it out using chicken blood, deep-fry it (which takes care of the rest of the chicken) and send it in by carrier pigeon LOL

  2. Thanks for posting this! Got a laugh out of it. I wasn't sure about the pencil/pen thing but pen is probably best. Thanks again!


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