Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How's 2011 Treating You So Far?

Well, I hope. My year's getting interesting already! Got some nice winter specials on, now to find enough hours in the day to do the sessions! One lovely night of beautiful fluffy snow and that's all :( Wish it snowed more here.

It's been nice catching up with some of you over the past couple of weeks. The holidays were a little hectic, weren't they? Feels good to settle back into the routine.

So much for New Years resolutions! I kept this year's and am getting in great shape (good enough to surf this summer), but I broke last year's and started smoking again (sigh). Not a lot, but enough to know that if I want to stop again, it won't be easy. I hate to say it, but I've missed smoking and did not enjoy being able to "taste everything again". Tasting everything can make a woman pudgy very quickly LOL!!! Might as well start tanning again, too...if I'm not going to worry about one kind of cancer, might as well not worry about the other kinds either.

Well, I'm off...working on getting my all of my FFXI jobs levelled to 40...no easy task when you have all the jobs unlocked. There are 20 in total and you can bet that took some doing - so far they're all at least lvl 24. I guess I should do some reading too...school's gonna be a bitch this semester. Contact me via the main site if you want to set something up this week. It's not like I'm going anywhere!

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