Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson swears on mike by accident. Oh my GOD!!! End of the world!

Why? Because a bunch of people annoyed him, not wanting a housing committee in their area (translation: not wanting renters in their area). Whining elitists annoy me too, I'd have sworn too...just nowhere in the vicinity of a microphone, whether I thought it was off or not. I mean, he's trying to put an end to the homelessness in Vancouver, and for that you need rental housing, and something's gotta run that. Like a committee. Who complains about a housing committee? That's what he wanted to know. He wanted to know who "these fucking hacks" were and was told that they were all property owners, basically. Then everyone laughed about how the whiners weren't going to change anything. Someone said that basically what the speakers wanted was "democracy cubed".

Now that is intriguing! Much more interesting than the F-bombs, anyone can say that...but "democracy cubed"? WTF is that? I assume it means "democracy to the 3rd degree" (rather than the nth degree, which seems to have gone out of style and was constantly being confused with the 10th degree). So democracy cubed...I guess it's democracy in volume. Three-dimensional democracy. I want to know what democracy cubed would look like. I can see how it could be a somewhat unrealistic expectation. Addressing council does not mean that you have a vote. The Mayor reminded them of that. It was like "You're involved...but we're voting on this..." [vote] PASSED.

They all seemed highly amused by the "democracy cubed" remark and laughed about it as though it was an inside joke or something that only politicians would know about...kind of like doctors with that "There's a vas deferens" joke. So let's check that out...

Aha! As it turns out, the democracy cube actually exists. It's called "Fung's Democracy Cube". This explains everything:

Varieties of Participation in Complex Governance
Archon Fung
Associate Professor of Public Policy
John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

So the people running the city know about stuff like this, eh? Politics, governance, that sort of thing? That inspires confidence, but sheesh...they need to learn to be more careful around microphones.

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